How Duck Duck JEEP is Bringing JEEP Communities Together

Over the past few years, a curious trend has emerged involving the placement of small rubber ducks on JEEP vehicles; this occurrence has become so widespread that it has evolved into something of a subculture among JEEP owners and enthusiasts. The tradition of leaving little rubber ducks on JEEPs has become a common sight on roads and parking lots around the world. It’s a phenomenon that has caught the attention of many and has even inspired a community of enthusiasts who share photos of their JEEPs adorned with rubber ducks on social media. But how did this tradition start, and what does it mean?

What is it?

To “duck” a JEEP is simply the act of placing a small rubber duck as a gift on top of the hood or in the door handle of another JEEP owner’s vehicle. The reason for doing so can be anything from admiring the color of the car, appreciating its unique accessories, or simply wanting to brighten someone’s day. The rubber ducks themselves can have their own distinct personalities, which encourages drivers to collect them as well. Popular styles of rubber ducks include those representing sports teams, holiday themes, vibrant colors or patterns, country flags, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Many JEEP owners have developed collections of these unique rubber ducks, keeping them in their vehicle’s dashboard as cherished trophies from a loving community.

The History behind the act

The motive behind it is to simply bring happiness to fellow JEEP drivers and is a lighthearted fad that originated in Canada. Its inception can be traced back to the summer of 2020, when the founder, Allison Parliament, believed that people needed more reasons to smile. Following a memorable incident that left her with a desire to spread positivity in a world that was going through tough times, the simple yet impactful idea of placing a small rubber duck on a JEEP lead her to start a group called Duck Duck Jeep in Ontario, Canada.
The group would immediately capture the attention of local JEEP owners and quickly grew in popularity, eventually expanding beyond Canada and gaining a global following. The act of “ducking” involves leaving a small rubber duck on a fellow JEEP driver’s car, with the hope that it will bring a smile to their face and spread positivity. The movement has since become a way for JEEP enthusiasts to connect and share their love for their iconic vehicle, while also brightening up each other’s days.

Why is it so popular?

Today, the trend has spread far beyond North America and is now seen in many parts of the world. JEEP owners in countries across the globe have all adopted the practice of leaving little rubber ducks on their vehicles to make others smile. One of the reasons that this trend has become so popular is that it allows JEEP owners to express their individuality while still being part of a larger community. JEEP culture is all about adventure, exploration, and pushing the limits, and leaving a small rubber duck on your vehicle is a way of showing that you are part of that community. Another reason for its popularity is that it is completely harmless and non-intrusive. Unlike other forms of vehicle customization that can be loud, obnoxious, or even dangerous, leaving a small rubber duck on someone else’s JEEP is a harmless way of expressing yourself and making someone else’s day a little better. To outsiders, leaving a rubber duck on your vehicle may seem silly or pointless; However, to those who are part of the JEEP community, it is a way of showing pride in their vehicle and their lifestyle.

How do I start?

You can buy bulk lots of rubber ducks from Amazon or even the JEEP Canada’s website to get started. If you’re more serious about it, you can have little cards made to go along with your ducks, encouraging others to pass the joy forward and share on social media. You can even have custom rubber duck lots made for you if you have a specific style you’d like to share with others.

Are all JEEPs a part of this trend?
This curious trend revolves around all JEEPs, regardless of their age or model type, as long as they provide a means for fun and building a community through kind gestures. If you are interested in being part of this wonderful niche community, feel free to browse our inventory of New JEEP vehicles.

Leaving rubber ducks on JEEPs is a fun and lighthearted tradition that has brought together a community of JEEP enthusiasts who just want to share a little bit of themselves with others. It’s a symbol of friendship, support, and kindness, and it’s inspired creative initiatives that have made a positive impact in the community. So next time you see a JEEP with a rubber duck on it, remember that it’s more than just a cute decoration – it’s a symbol of a flourishing community.