How to Use a Public EV Charger

Charging your electric vehicle at a public charger is easy! Sometimes the hardest part will be finding a compatible open charger. With 5 easy steps though you can get your vehicle hooked up and juiced up in a matter of no time!

  1. First you need to find a charging station. There as several ways to do this, but most EVs will have GPS that can lead you toward the nearest station. Your phone is another great tool with apps like Google Maps providing charging station information!
  2. Check the charging rate at the station. The higher the charging rate the faster your vehicle will be charged back up. Though some of the quick chargers will charge you fee to use the station.
  3. Check the plug type of the charging station. Not all chargers are compatible with all EVs, most will have only 1 plug type. So, make sure it will work with your EV or you have an adapter with you
  4. Some chargers will require payment to charge your vehicle up, some will not. If you do need to pay you can often just tap or slide a credit or debit card. Some may even have the ability to let you pay with your phone!
  5. After you have paid you should be all set to plug your vehicle into the charger and start to recharge your battery!