(Pt.1) The Best Accessories to Make Your Ram 1500 Work Smarter & Play Harder

Are you someone who’d like to take your Ram 1500 to the next level of performance and enjoyment? The 2024 Ram 1500, a favorite among Edmonton drivers, is perfect for tackling the toughest jobs and embarking on thrilling weekend adventures to spots like Elk Island National Park— To truly maximize what this beast can offer, you need the perfect accessories. Dive into our comprehensive guide to the best add-ons that will make your Ram 1500 work smarter and play harder right here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Play: Enhancing Your Ram 1500 for Adventure
Whether you’re exploring the rugged trails around Wagner Natural Area or heading out for a weekend camping trip at Big Island Lake near Sherwood Park, it’s essential to equip your Ram 1500 with the right gear to ensure it meets your adventure needs. From off-road accessories to camping essentials, outfitting your truck properly not only boosts your outdoor experience but also enhances safety and enjoyment on your trips. Make sure your pickup is ready to play as hard as you do, no matter where your adventures take you, with these Ram 1500 accessories:

  1. Tow Hitch

A tow hitch is an essential accessory for any truck owner who loves outdoor activities and adventures. Whether you’re towing a boat to Lake Ontario or hauling a trailer full of ATVs, a Ram 1500 tow hitch ensures your truck is up to the task.

Benefits of a tow hitch:

  • Enhanced Towing Capability: A tow hitch increases the towing capacity of your Ram 1500, allowing you to tow heavier loads safely and efficiently.
  • Versatility: Tow hitches come in various classes, enabling you to choose the right one for your towing needs, whether it’s for light-duty or heavy-duty applications.
  • Durability: Made from high-strength materials, tow hitches are built to withstand the rigors of heavy towing, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Recommended Products:

  • Trailer Tow Wiring Adapters & Brackets – Adjustable Drop/Rise Hitch Plate (82215196) Price: $995.00 | Installed Price: $1,079.75
    Mounting brackets provide a place to cleanly mount your wiring connectors. Connector adapters convert 7-way connectors to 4 way for light duty trailer use. The adjustable Drop/Rise Hitch Plate provides over 30.48 cm of range. Rated at 2,268 kg gross trailer weight / 227 kg tongue weight.
  • Hitch Ball Mount Adapter – 3″ Rise, 2-1/4″ Drop (82213548) Price: $63.65 | Installed Price: $148.40
    Designed and tested to match your vehicle`s towing capacity, Mopar`s Ball Mount Kits are made of heavy-duty cold-rolled steel. E-coat primer and powder-coat paint provide a durable finish with a 7.62 cm rise, 5.72 cm drop, use with 2.54 cm shank diameter hitch ball, for 5.08 cm opening.
  1. Racks

Cargo racks and baskets are perfect for expanding the carrying capacity of your Ram 1500, allowing you to transport gear for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

  • Increased Storage: Cargo racks and baskets provide additional storage space, enabling you to carry more gear on your adventures.
  • Versatility: These accessories can be used to transport a variety of items, from camping equipment to sports gear.
  • Accessibility: With gear stored on the roof, you free up bed space for other necessities, keeping your cargo organized and easily accessible.

Recommended Products:

  • Cargo Basket – Roof, Thule: (TCTRL864) Price: $963.00 | Installed Price: $1,104.25
    The M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Baskets) rooftop basket carrier is built for the outdoor adventurer`s lifestyle. Pack your bags, bikes, boats and the kitchen sink, there’s room for everything. Easy to install with Quick-on/Quick-off mounting hardware.
  • Carrier Adapters – RamBar: (82215959AC) Price: $2,520.00 | Installed Price: $2,731.88
    Adapter Kits for Mopar Carriers facilitate integration with production racks to handle those special circumstances such as bikes without horizontal crossbars or ski carriers mounted to production cross rails. Includes tie downs to help with in-bed storage and is engineered to work with the Mopar Off-Road LED Lights (82215274AB – sold separately).
  1. Running Boards, Nerf Bars, & Step Bars

Ram 1500 running boards, nerf bars, and step bars are not only practical but also add a touch of style to your ride. They provide easier access to the cab and can enhance the rugged look of your truck—so even your littlest of adventurers can climb into your pickup safely and with ease.

Benefits of step bars:

  • Convenience: These accessories make it easier to get in and out of your truck, especially for shorter passengers or when your hands are full.
  • Protection: Running boards, nerf bars, and step bars can protect the sides of your truck from road debris and minor impacts.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in various styles and finishes, these accessories can complement the look of your Ram 1500, making it stand out.

Recommended Products:

  • Running Boards (82215512AB) Price: $1,215.00 | Installed Price: $1,356.25
    Premium Moulded Running Boards offer stylish appearance and a functional step into your vehicle. These Ram 1500 Running Boards feature a skid-resistant stepping surface fully supported by a high-strength durable substructure with E-coated brackets.
  • Step Bars (82215512AB): Price: $882.00| Installed Price: $1,093.88
    Tubular Side Rails look great and fit the rocker panels of your pickup snugly. Side rails have passed stringent corrosion and appearance testing for long life. These relatively light weighted Ram 1500 step bars are integrated into the vehicle design with seamless attachment locations and are built with the utmost quality and meet stringent performance requirements.
  1. Lift Kit

A Ram 1500 lift kit can significantly enhance the off-road capability and aggressive stance of your pickup truck. It allows for larger tires, improved ground clearance, and a commanding presence on and off the road, so you can explore all of Alberta with ease.

Benefits of a lift kit:

  • Increased Ground Clearance: A lift kit raises your truck, providing better clearance over obstacles and rough terrain.
  • Larger Tires: With a lift kit, you can install larger tires, which can improve traction and handling in off-road conditions.
  • Enhanced Appearance: A lifted truck has a more aggressive and commanding presence, making it stand out on the road.

Recommended Product:

Outfitting your 2024 Ram 1500 with the right accessories can transform your driving experience, whether you’re tackling tough jobs or seeking thrilling adventures around Edmonton. From tow hitches and cargo racks to running boards and lift kits, each accessory plays a crucial role in enhancing your truck’s performance, functionality, and style. By investing in these top accessories, you’ll ensure your Ram 1500 is not only ready to work smarter on the job but also prepared to play harder on your weekends. Embrace the full potential of your Ram 1500 and make every drive an exceptional one.