Work: Maximizing Your Ram 1500 for the Job

Whether you work on-site in Leduc’s industrial sector or at a construction site near St. Albert, it’s essential to equip your Ram 1500 with the right gear to ensure it meets your demands. From heavy-duty tools to customized accessories, outfitting your truck properly not only boosts productivity but also enhances safety and efficiency on the job. Make sure your Ram 1500 is ready to work as hard as you do, no matter where your work takes you, with these accessories.

1. Bed Extender

Adding a bed extender to your Ram 1500 can significantly increase its cargo-carrying capacity, making it more versatile for any kind of work, because let’s face it—sometimes you just need that little bit of extra space to get the job done.

Benefits of a bed extender:

  • Extended Cargo Space: A bed extender allows you to carry longer items securely, making full use of your truck bed.
  • Easy Installation: Most bed extenders are easy to install and remove, providing flexibility when you need it.
  • Improved Organization: Some bed extenders double as cargo dividers, helping you keep your gear organized and accessible.

Recommended Products:

  • Mopar Bed Extender: (82215724): Price: $633.00 | Installed Price: $844.88
    Made of tubular aluminum, the Bed Extender attaches to the rear of the bed and pivots in and out for added storage and convenience. Flipped inward, it’s a convenient divider to keep cargo from sliding to the front of the bed. Flipped outward, it extends the truck bed area of the tailgate, increasing the overall capacity of the bed. The Bed Extender also features two grocery bag hooks/hangers.
  1. Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is a must-have accessory for any truck owner looking to protect their cargo during rainy days, dusty dirt-road drives, and hungry critters looking for a snack overnight. It provides security, improves fuel efficiency, and adds a sleek look to your Ram 1500.

Benefits of a Tonneau cover:

  • Security: A tonneau cover keeps your cargo safe from theft and the elements, providing peace of mind when transporting valuable items.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: By reducing aerodynamic drag, a tonneau cover can improve your truck’s fuel efficiency, saving you money on gas.
  • Stylish Appearance: Tonneau covers come in various styles and finishes, adding a polished, sophisticated look to your truck.

Recommended Products:

These Ram 1500 Tonneau Covers are a great option for your 2024 Ram 1500. It offers durable construction, easy operation, and a sleek, low-profile design.

  • Tonneau Cover (82215227AE) Price: $1,315.00 | Installed Price: $1,526.88
    This Hard Folding Tonneau Cover provides superior security and protection with a high strength aluminum frame and rigid panels. It features a stylish, low-profile design, and advanced sealing technology for excellent weather resistance. A hidden quick-release latch system automatically locks panels when shut, so you simply have to lock the tailgate to secure the bed. You’re able to drive the truck with the cover fully open, fully closed, or partially closed, so you can have bed access when you need it.
  • Tonneau Cover – X-Factor, (82215252AB) Price: $2,450.00 | Installed Price: $2,661.88
    Outstanding protection designed specifically to complement the style of your Ram pickup. Constructed of a lightweight yet super-strong polymer compound with a patented “X-factor” foundation, our One-Piece ram 1500 Tonneau Cover won’t weather or crack — unlike comparable fiberglass products. Advantages include a double seal system, over-rail design, colour-match automotive paint finish, integrated interior dome light.
  1. Floor Mats

Floor mats are an often-overlooked accessory that can protect the interior of your Ram 1500 from dirt, mud, and spills. High-quality floor mats are essential for maintaining the cleanliness and value of your truck, even when you drag in debris from those salty Edmonton roads.

Benefits of floor mats:

  • Protection: Floor mats shield the interior carpet from dirt, water, and stains, making cleanup easy and preserving the condition of your truck’s interior no matter where you take it.
  • Durability: Made from tough materials, high-quality floor mats can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.

Recommended Products:

  • Floor Mats – Premium Carpet, Front, Black: (82215405) Price: $119.00
    Enhance the interior of your Ram 1500 with these premium carpet floor mats. Designed specifically for the front seats, these black mats provide a sleek, polished look while offering superior protection against dirt, mud, and spills. Made from high-quality materials, they are durable and easy to clean, ensuring your truck’s interior stays pristine even in tough conditions. The custom fit ensures that the mats stay securely in place, providing both comfort and style for your driving experience.
  • Vinyl Floor Mats – Slush, Front & Rear, Black: (82215321AD) Price: $191.00

Slush-style Floor Mats are moulded in colour and feature deep ribs to trap and hold water, snow and mud to protect your carpet and keep it clean. A must during inclement weather. Slush Mats work great in all seasons. Comes with two front row mats and two second row interlocking mats featuring the Ram logo, Black.

  1. Bed Liner

A bed liner is crucial for protecting the truck bed from damage when hauling heavy or abrasive materials. It also helps prevent cargo from shifting during transport.

Benefits of bed liners:

  • Protection: A bed liner protects your truck bed from scratches, dents, and corrosion.
  • Cargo Stability: It helps keep your cargo in place, reducing the risk of damage to your truck or the items you’re transporting.
  • Durability: High-quality bed liners are made to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, extending the life of your truck bed.

Recommended Products:

  • Bedliner – Under-the-Rail: (82215212AE) Price: $571.00 | Installed Price: $712.25
    Mopar’s Skid Resistor Under-the-Rail Bedliners and Tailgate Covers are custom tailored to your truck`s box. Tailgate Covers feature built-in cup holders. Moulded of a blend of rubber and polyethylene, with a skid resistant surface and ribbed design that promotes drainage of water from the bed. Mopar Under-the-Rail Bedliners provide full use of the integrated vertical and horizontal board dividers.
  • Bed Mat (82215784AB) Price: $297.00
    Protect and preserve your truck’s bed floor and tailgate from dents and scratches. Nylon-reinforced rubber mat removes easily for cleaning.
  1. Cargo Management System

    For those who use their Ram 1500 for work, a cargo management system can be a game-changer. It helps keep your tools and equipment organized, making your job easier and more efficient.


  • Organization: A cargo management system helps you keep your tools and equipment organized, making it easier to find what you need.
  • Security: It provides secure storage, protecting your valuable tools from theft.
  • Efficiency: By keeping everything organized, you can work more efficiently and save time on the job.

Recommended Products:

  • ActivGate Cargo Management – Toolbox: (82215517AC) Price: $4,297.00 | Installed Price: $4,297.50
    Mopar’s innovative ActivGate Cargo Management offers endless storage and cargo hauling functionality. Premium ActivGate provides two locking cargo storage boxes, a moveable gate to secure any size cargo and complete bed protection (headwall, bed and tailgate liners). The moveable gate easily converts to a horizontal table and features cup holders. All components feature no-drill mounting and more than one movable gate can be utilized per system, and includes two weatherproof, waist-height lockable drawers (rated at 90.7 kg each) that slide out to store just about everything. On top, the heavy-duty cover accommodates a true 907 kg payload, allowing full use of the bed area.

Equipping your 2024 Ram 1500 with the perfect accessories can elevate your driving experience, whether you’re handling demanding tasks or embarking on exciting adventures around Edmonton. Essential additions like tow hitches, cargo racks, running boards, and lift kits significantly enhance your truck’s performance, functionality, and style. Investing in these premium accessories ensures your Ram 1500 is not only more efficient on the job but also primed for maximum fun on weekends. Unlock the full potential of your Ram 1500 and make every drive exceptional.