Unveiling the 2025 Dodge Charger EV: A Bold Shift in Design and Power

The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept offered a preview of the eighth-generation Charger in August 2022. The production-ready version is set to debut later this year. Recently, Dodge shared images of the all-electric next-gen Charger EV on Twitter, showcasing its final form before hitting dealer showrooms. The resemblance to the concept is striking, and the car looks impressive.

Dodge surprised the world in 2005 by transforming the LX-based Charger into a sedan. Initially, the idea of turning a renowned muscle coupe name into a family sedan seemed unthinkable. However, the sedan became a huge success with powerful supercharged variants. Now, Dodge is breaking conventions again with the 2025 Charger EV, which is not just a sedan but a two-door coupe with a liftback rear hatch.

The new Charger coupe will be offered in both battery electric and gasoline-powered versions. While there are plans for a version of the new Challenger with Stellantis’ Hurricane inline-six engine, it’s unclear whether it will serve as a range extender, similar to the Ramcharger, or if it will be a standalone internal-combustion-powered car. Gasoline-powered Chargers will feature the Dodge hashmark logo in the grille, while EV-only models will showcase the throwback Dodge Fratzog emblem.

The design of the new Charger coupe is notably more cohesive and pays better homage to the iconic 1960s muscle car era. The electric revolution, in this case, brings excitement reminiscent of muscle cars. Dodge, known for making fast big cars, is expected to deliver a quick Charger EV. The introduction of more large coupes to the market is a development worth welcoming.